Chapter 5.5 – Yes, I am still working on Chapter 6

Originally posted 12/12/2008

The problem with creating this journal. like any journal or blog, is getting my facts right.  It has been more than 3 months since I returned from my journey to Burning Man, and yes, some things are fuzzy.  However, I really really want to make sure I get it all down here and get it right.  There may be times when I cannot remember exactly what day or time an event occurred.  For that I can refer back to some of my pictures for cues as to date / time.  Other events, may become approximate.  There will also be times when I have forgotten to include an important point, and will have to play catch-up, like today.

Chapter 6 has been under construction for some time now and I feel it may have gotten larger than it should be.  So I am going to split it up and run the first half ASAP.  Before Chapter 6 comes out, however, I have to add some catch-up.

During chapter four, I noted that the headlight switch was reversed on the RV and intimated there might be other problems.  What I forgot to mention, was that, at some time during that trip, I also checked the levels board on the RV. The levels board has a pushbutton switch which shows what the levels are for various fluids / resources in the RV.  It shows the level of fresh water, gray water (sink water), black water(sewage), battery power, and LP gas.

Bear in mind that I was determined to conserve my 35+ gallons of fresh – but non-potable water for as long as possible – knowing I would want to shower during the week and not wanting to run out.  However, when I stopped along route 95 that evening to stargaze, I noticed that the sink was dripping – something had bumped the handle – but only a little trickle.  So, I checked the levels.  While the fresh water tank showed full, the gray water tank was showing one quarter full?  Yikes!

In chapter five, while stopped in Fernley awaiting the time to head to Gerlach, I checked the levels again.  This time the gray water tank showed half full!   This was, to say the least, disturbing.  I had to wonder if the tanks were leaking and I would end up with a full gray water tank before the week was half gone.

The fact that the fresh water tank indicated it was still full, was small consolation.  It just meant I wasn’t sure which of the two levels to believe.  I headed to Burning Man that evening envisioning a gray water crisis in the coming week.

So, now that I’ve catch-uped, on to chapter 6 – watch for it in the next few days!!

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