Chapter 9.5 – A Note from the Author

Originally published 5/5/2009

I apologize for not getting Chapter 9 out sooner.  It was mostly completed but I have been distracted by work on my newest website / blog.  This is to be my Socio-Political blog, wherein I let my feelings be known on issues affecting the people of this great country.  It is a project I have longed to start for some time and now have the opportunity and server-power to do it.  I have signed a three-year hosting agreement with GoDaddy and am setting up several different sites on my new hosting server.  A few of these sites will be not-for-profit sites related to the arts.  I am just completing the design on my site (as compared to this one at .

I find that as time goes by, I start to forget some of the details of my journey, so I will endeavor to move forward, even faster, on this journal so that anything that might help virgin burners when they head to Burning Man this year, will be available to them.  If you read this journal and happen upon anyone who is a virgin burner this year, send them here.  I only hope I can answer some of the questions they may have, as there is information here that I could certainly have used last year.  It isn’t easy going in blind

So, I am regrouping, checking back into my notes and using my photographs as a timeline to help me remember dates and times.  Not to worry!  I remember all the important stuff, just not always the chronology.  I am also planning on making more than just my pictures available.  I am looking into using my newfound unlimited storage / bandwidth servers to host my video footage from Burning Man as well.

Speaking of pictures, all the pictures you see in this journal are from my collection, found on my ‘Wander-full’ photo gallery. There are far more pictures there than I have included here, plus pics from other journeys I have made.  You’ll find it at or for now.  Since I have a new hosting server, I may well be moving both the journal and the gallery over when I get time.

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