Chapter 9.6 – Changes are Coming – New Look in the Making

Originally published 6/5/2009

Since my last post, I have begun a process of moving both the Journal and the Gallery of photos from this free hosting server (with ads) to the paid hosting server I have for all my other sites.  When completed, you will still use the same addresses as you are using now – and but the entire look and feel will be different.  The main hosting page will also be the same.

For starters, the “Journal will be transferred to WordPress, one of the best known publishing platforms for Weblogs and Journals.  The ‘Wander-full” image gallery will be transferred to Gallery II software, which gives me so many more options when it comes to displaying my photos.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to move photos between the two, so I have been rebuilding the gallery one album at a time on the new server.  To those of you who subscribe through RSS or some other means, I do not know if the subscription information will be the same – I am not that familiar with RSS, etc. to know if you will need to re-subscribe.

Please bear with me as we transition over, and I hope to have Chapter 10 of this Journal up by this weekend.  It will be published here before the change takes place so watch for it.  Thanks for reading the “Journal” and please come back again soon.

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