Chapter 10.5 The Chapter That Almost Wasn’t

Originally published 6/27/2009

Three weeks ago I promised to release Chapter 10 – it was being proofed again for the fourth or fifth time.  Just after making that promise, I went back into this @#$@  blog software to add a few pictures and Chapter 10 came up a complete blank. The entry was there – but no text.  Empty.  Gone.  This is yet another reason why I am switching the Journal over to Word Press, so I can be sure that when I go to edit a draft of something, it will be there and also be backed up on my paid hosting server.

So, I have now reconstituted it from scratch and finally published it.  Hope you enjoy it.  Not sure if Chapter 11 will be on this software, or the next.  The picture gallery on this server, that feeds some of the pictures on this journal has to be moved at the same time as the journal.  The entire domain name of will be redirected from this server to my hosting server.  Meanwhile there may be trouble in Paradise, and I don’t mean that small town down the road from me.

The Gallery II software I chose for the picture gallery has a bit of a flaw – I cannot upload my full size 8 megapixel pictures without it choking.  And some of those picture – like the “Grief, Hope, and Joy” gallery – need to remain full size to allow viewers to explore the pictures in full size mode.  So I may have to audition a different gallery software or spend time cutting some of the big pictures into smaller, full-size pieces.  Either way, that is all thats holding up the transition at the moment.  Keep watch this space and thanks for reading my Journal!

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