Chapter 11.5 – Preparing for the Playa – Helpful hints and checklists coming next!

Originally published 8/9/2009

While I am not a hard-core camper – like some who braved the playa with only small tents and little gear, I managed to survive my week in the desert with no harmful effects.  Prior to leaving on my trip, I spent months culling advice and hints from the writings of previous burners, whose insights into camping on the playa came from years of experience.  I compiled a long checklist of items that I would need, based on ‘perceived’ situations, and followed it accordingly.  Some of it was helpful, some was not needed.  I will share those lists with you in the coming week, and explain, item by item just what worked, what did not, and why.

Bear in mind, these were tuned to my situation.  I rented a 25′ RV, I drove out from the east coast to pick up the RV, I did not fly, and I brought all the gear I felt I would initially need.  Your situation might be somewhat different.  Look for my checklists later in the week.

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